Can You Stand On Hot Tub Covers? (And How To Do It Safely)

Hot tub covers are generally designed to cover and protect a hot tub from harsh elements and to prevent dust and debris from contaminating the water inside. If you put too much weight on your hot tub cover, it could break and potentially injure you in the process. So, can you stand on your hot tub cover?

Although you can’t stand on standard hot tub covers, walk-on covers are designed to handle more weight, making them safe to stand and walk on. Vinyl covers can typically handle up to 500 lbs. Aluminum covers can hold up to 800 lbs, and reinforced plastic covers can handle up to 1,000 lbs. 

While stand-on covers may be able to handle your weight, it’s still better to avoid standing and walking on them too much. Let’s look at the different types of walk-on covers and their benefits, so that you’re aware of how to stand and walk on them safely. 

Can You Stand on a Hot Tub Cover?

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Unlike walk-on hot tub covers, regular covers aren’t designed to hold anything beyond some light debris that may land on them, which means you certainly can’t stand or walk on them. Children and larger pets also shouldn’t stand on a regular cover. 

While these covers may be able to handle the weight of smaller wild animals, such as rodents, and pets like cats, make sure you don’t let any large dogs turn your hot tub cover into a sunbathing spot!

However, if you still want or need to stand or walk on a hot tub cover, here are a few tips on how you can do it in the safest way possible:

Invest in a Walk-On Cover 

As we mentioned, walk-on covers are designed with greater flexibility and are able to handle a lot more weight, making them much safer to stand and walk on than regular covers.

However, keep in mind that they’re still highly susceptible to damage and scratches if you stand or walk on them too often. 

Stick to the Edges

While hard-shell hot tub covers are designed to be strong, durable, and secure, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they can handle the weight of a full-grown adult. For this reason, it’s best to just walk along the edges, as those areas are usually reinforced and designed not to slip or bend.  

Add a Piece of Wood

If you have a big flat folding table or a large piece of plywood laying around, place it on top of your hot tub cover. Make sure it spans the entire length of your hot tub, so you can stand or walk across it safely. 

What Are the Different Types of Walk-on Covers?

There are three basic types of walk-on covers: aluminum, reinforced plastic, and vinyl. Let’s take a closer look at each of these materials:


Fabric or vinyl covers, like this one from ULTCOVER (on Amazon), can usually withstand around 400 to 500 pounds of weight. This means they’ll be able to hold an average adult or pets with no problem.

These covers are available in a wide range of colors and finishes, allowing you to choose one that matches your design preferences. 

While vinyl walk-on covers aren’t as attractive as some other options, they’re hardwearing, affordable, and not too heavy. 


Aluminum walk-on covers, like this Puri Tech one (on Amazon), are a medium-strength option that can typically handle up to 800 pounds of weight. They’re designed with two sturdy aluminum layers placed around a durable foam core.  

Their top surface is usually finished and available in a wide range of colors, while the edges are made with anodized aluminum to ensure you can use the cover for years to come.

While these covers are durable and attractive, they’re also the costliest because of all the materials involved. 

Reinforced Plastic

Walk-on covers made with reinforced plastic are some of the strongest ones available today. They can handle up to 1,000 pounds, which means they can prevent pets, snow, and even people from damaging your hot tub. 

What Are the Benefits of a Walk-on Cover?   

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If you own a hot tub, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a walk-on cover. In fact, because of their high costs, most people are simply better off opting for a standard soft or hard shell cover, depending on their needs. 

However, there are a few cases where a walk-on cover is extremely useful and has a lot of benefits: 

Safe for Pets and Children 

A regular hot tub cover could potentially injure your pets or children if they accidentally walk or stand on it. So, instead of training your dogs not to jump on your hot tub cover, it’s often better and safer to invest in a walk-on cover that can hold their weight.   

Keeps Out Heavy Snowfall

Walk-on covers are ideal for those who live in areas that receive a lot of snow. While it might not seem like it, snow adds a considerable amount of weight, and can damage and even break a hard shell cover. 

However, since walk-on covers are designed to be stronger and more durable, they can handle even the heaviest snowfalls, making them a much better option in the long run.   

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