Here’s Why You Should Leave Your Inflatable Tub On All Winter

Inflatable tubs are great for relaxing your muscles after a long day of work, especially in winter. However, you might find it annoying to wait for the water to warm up before jumping into the tub. So, you can leave the tub on to eliminate the waiting?

Leaving an inflatable tub on all winter is cheaper than turning it off after every use. Leaving it on protects the tub from freezing, prevents its components from jamming, and prevents bacteria breeding. It’s also better to pack your tub if you aren’t using it regularly. 

Let’s explore why you should leave your tub on all winter, what you should do if you are not using it regularly, and how to maintain it properly. 

Should You Leave an Inflatable Hot Tub on All the Time?

Inflatable Hot Tub

The simple answer is yes. Always leave your inflatable hot tub on, especially if you use it regularly. But what’s the point of leaving it on when you can pack it away or switch it off to save electricity?

If you use your inflatable tub regularly, it’s best to leave it on, but if you plan not to use it for more than two weeks, you should just pack it away. 

Keeping the hot tub on throughout the day helps the water stay warm, which allows you to beat the wait when you want to relax in the warm water. Don’t worry; keeping it on isn’t a waste of energy and won’t drastically increase your electricity bills. 

You might find it surprising, but keeping the tub on is more energy efficient than turning it off after every use and trying it on again before every use!

Inflatable tubs are designed so that leaving them on is more affordable. This way, the tub won’t have to heat up cold water every time (which consumes more energy). However, it doesn’t mean that you have to leave the tub at a hot temperature.

You can leave it at a lukewarm temperature and turn up the heat when you want to go for a swim. So, unlike other electronic devices, the rule of switching off the device after use doesn’t apply to inflatable tubs. 

What Happens if You Don’t Leave Your Tub On?

If you don’t leave your hot tub on, the components may get jammed, the tub may freeze up, and you’ll have to wait longer for the water to warm up when you want to use it. On the other hand, turning the tub off after every use is an expensive way of maintaining your tub and can damage certain components. 

Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t switch your hot tub off after every use: 

Some Components Might Get Jammed

Like any other electric machine, an inflatable tub requires occasional use for its components to work correctly. Leaving the hot tub idle for too long can cause the components to get jammed. 

Leaving the tub on will provide work to its filter system, pump system, and other mechanical components. In addition, keeping the tub running at a constant temperature will help it to work effectively. Otherwise, your tub might have a much shorter life span. 

The Tub May Freeze Up

In the winter, the temperature can drop below freezing, posing a potential risk to the tub. In addition, if your area has frequent snow and frost, you must keep your tub on to prevent freezing. 

If you don’t keep your tub on, then the tub’s water may freeze up. This can cause permanent damage to the water pump, heater, and filter system. A restricted water flow may also seriously damage other mechanical components. 

Inflatable tubs are not designed to sustain themselves in extreme cold, especially if they aren’t heating up regularly. Sometimes, leaving the tub on isn’t enough, especially in cold temperatures. It would be best to cover it properly to prevent the stored heat from escaping. 

Still Water Breeds Bacteria 

If you don’t let your tub warm up regularly, the water will breed bacteria since it won’t have any flow. This bacteria can harm your health when you decide to use the tub. So to save yourself from the trouble of cleaning the tub from bacteria and algae, keep it on. 

Leaving your tub on will reduce the chances of bacteria or algae buildup through the constant water flow. This will also help keep the filtration system and pumps of the tub clean, and you won’t have to toil hard when cleaning the tub’s filters. 

You’ll Have to Do Extra Work

You can save yourself from waiting for the water to heat up before every use by keeping it on at a lower setting. Then, if the tub is already on, you’ll only have to turn the pump on and check if the water has reached the ideal temperature before jumping in. 

Even if the water is lukewarm, you won’t have to wait too long for it to heat up. 

How Much Does it Cost to Run Your Tub All the Time?

Gorgeous teenage girl with long, dark hair relaxes in the garden inflatable pool with jacuzzi

You might be concerned about the cost of running your tub if it’s switched on all the time. However, the cost of running your tub depends on the cost of electricity in your area, the size of your tub, and other factors. 

The size of your tub affects its cost because it determines how long it will take to heat the water. If you have a small tub, it will take less time compared to heating a large tube with more water.

Also, warming the water in a larger tub means the heater will consume more electricity. For example, a normal-sized inflatable tub uses a 1.5 kWh heater. So if you’re running on a budget, you should get a normal-sized tub and leave it on to save on your bills. 

Similarly, the cost of electricity is different in every area. So, for example, if you’re living in a place with high electricity consumption, keeping your tub on might cost you a little more than average. 

In the winter season, you should keep the tub running because it won’t consume the same amount of energy required to heat cold water every time. In summer, it’s best to keep the water heated to the lowest temperature possible.

So, if you keep your inflatable tub running all the time, it’s more energy efficient, but avoid keeping it at a high temperature when it’s not in use. 

Is it Cheaper to Turn it off and on as Needed?

If you want to stay on a budget and save energy simultaneously, don’t switch the tub off after every use. It will cost you more money to heat the cold water in the tub every time before using it. 

You can enjoy the luxury of the inflatable tub without any worry about its cost by simply leaving it on. However, if you leave the tub on, it will cost you around $1.50 to $1.75 each day (depending on the cost of electricity in your area).

It’s cheap, considering a hot tub can substitute for a massage session! 

Many inflatable tub owners think it’s cheaper to turn it off after every use. Unfortunately, this is a misconception, and you could pay much more, especially if you use the hot tub regularly. 

If you turn off the tub and turn it on again to heat the water, it’ll cost you around $4.20 to $4.50 per day (depending on the cost of electricity in your area). So, it’s clear that keeping the tub running is more economical and you may spend almost double the amount of electricity otherwise.

Should You Cover an Inflatable Hot Tub When it’s Not in Use?

Hot tub on concrete inside of a screened in enclosure

If your tub is outside and you aren’t using it regularly, it’s better to cover it with a protective lid or cover. A good quality lid or covering protects your tub from debris, dirt, and harmful bacteria and increases its life span. 

Even if you think you might use your inflatable tub sooner, you should still fasten the protective lid firmly to the tub. This will help maintain the tub’s water temperature. Also, with a good covering, the heater will have to work less to retain the heat, saving money on your bills. 

It’s important that the covering is not ripped off and has no cuts or holes; otherwise, it will be useless. A good quality covering effectively becomes an airtight seal for the tub and can help save on heating costs. 

What to Do if You Won’t Be Using Your Tub in the Winter

If you don’t plan to use your hot tub in the winter, you should switch it off because there’s no point in keeping the water warm. If you aren’t in the mood to use your tub anymore or will be gone for a few months, you should pack it. 

Here’s how you can pack your inflatable tub and store it safely: 

  1. Disconnect the pump and drain your tub. You need to drain your tub because stagnant water will breed harmful bacteria.
  1. Clean and dry the pump thoroughly. 
  1. Unplug the power source before you start cleaning the tub. 
  1. Wipe and dry the water that is left with a towel. Then, clean the interior and exterior of the tub with a scrub and good cleaning agents.
  1. Once you are done cleaning all the accessories and filters of the tub, you need to deflate it. Now, store the tub in a protective covering. 

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