Inflatable Hot Tub Insulation Jackets: Do They Work?

Hot tubs can be an excellent way to spend a chilly evening, but they can also be quite expensive at the same time. So many people look for ways to insulate their hot tubs to cut down the cost of having one on hand.

Inflatable hot tub insulation jackets can help keep your hot tub warm even as you use it. They are effective on their own but are even more effective when paired with other methods like a ground mat and a hot tub cover.

Want to learn more about how to keep your hot tub warm? Let’s look at hot tub insulation jackets and other methods to improve the heat-retaining properties of your hot tub. 

What is a Hot Tub Insulation Jacket?

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An inflatable hot tub insulation jacket can be made out of an insulation material like SmartSHIELD Reflective Insulation (on Amazon). Insulation jackets are typically placed around the sides (and maybe bottom) of the hot tub like one would wear a jacket to help keep the heat in.

Hot tub insulation jackets are unique because they can be left in place while you use the hot tub, unlike the top cover. They can also help protect your hot tub from damage or punctures.

Some hot tub insulation jackets are inflatable, while others look more like a traditional hot tub cover but are shaped to go around the exterior of your hot tub.

Insulation jackets must be fitted appropriately to your hot tub to work effectively. They won’t help keep the hot tub warm if they are too large or too small.

Most people who really want to try out an insulation jacket for their hot tub make one custom because there are so many sizes/shapes of inflatable hot tubs and no standard, universal hot tub heating jacket design or model.

Do Insulation Jackets Keep Your Hot Tub Warm?

Insulation jackets keep your hot tub surprisingly warm, as they prevent the heat from escaping from the sides. Putting one around your hot tub can help it stay warm and lower some of the electricity costs associated with owning a hot tub.

However, hot tub insulation jackets work best with a ground mat and cover. This is because the sides aren’t the only place where a hot tub can lose heat. 

How Do You Install an Insulation Jacket?

As previously mentioned, hot tub insulation jackets are only effective when they are fit to the exact size of your hot tub. Therefore, it is advised to have a professional help you install yours.

Typically, a hot tub insulation jacket is installed by unpacking it from the box, fitting it to the hot tub, then inflating it if it is of the inflatable variety.  

Some hot tub insulation jackets can be purchased online that can be put on without professional help. If you choose to put on the inflatable jacket yourself, ensure you follow the directions for your specific brand of inflatable hot tub and allow the cover 24-48 hours to mold to the shape of your hot tub.

What are Some Other Ways to Insulate an Inflatable Hot Tub?

Just putting an inflatable hot tub insulation jacket around your hot tub isn’t enough to truly keep all the heat from escaping. If you want to winterize your hot tub, you will need to combine it with two other insulating methods. 

Ground Mats

One of the number one ways a hot tub loses heat is through the ground it is resting on. Therefore, you should take the time to purchase a ground mat to place beneath your hot tub.

Some hot tubs come with a ground mat, but if yours doesn’t, grab one before you fill your hot tub for the first time. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to install a ground mat once your hot tub is fully inflated.

If you don’t have a ground mat, foam sheets can also be placed beneath your hot tub to serve the same purpose. You will want to use a minimum of two foam sheets to keep the bottom of your hot tub insulated.

Hot Tub Covers

In addition to placing something beneath your hot tub, you must put something on top. If you leave the top of your hot tub open, all the warm air will evaporate quickly.

Your hot tub should come with a cover and should be placed on your hot tub whenever it isn’t in use. This includes even for 20 minutes when you run inside to make a snack.

Make it a practice to place the cover on your hot tub anytime you leave the water, and this is the best practice for helping your hot tub maintain temperature.

Final Thoughts on Inflatable Hot Tub Insulation Covers

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If you want to conserve energy and save a little more money on your power bill, purchasing an inflatable hot tub insulation cover is the way to go. It will help keep the water in your hot tub warm, even on the coldest of nights.

Just be sure you pair a hot tub insulation jacket with a ground mat and cover, and you’ll never have to worry about your hot tub getting cold.

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