Can You Use An Inflatable Hot Tub In The Rain?

Hot tubs are usually enjoyed on sunny days but can also be used when it rains. As long as it’s not thunderstorming out, which poses a risk with being in open water during a lightning storm, a hot tub experience in the rain can be rather peaceful and a great way to relax. But are inflatable hot tubs waterproof?

Inflatable hot tub pumps are usually waterproof but always check with the manufacturer. If they are rainproof, enjoying your hot tub in the rain can be done with some foresight on keeping warm and a little aftercare (testing the water for its chemical balance). 

Not many people think about using the hot tub in the rain, but it can be quite calming to watch the rain and listen to its peaceful sound from the warm confines of a hot tub with friends or family. To develop this serene experience, all it takes is a little foresight in staying warm when getting out to the hot tub and coming back in, as well as some safety precautions to ensure everyone remains safe.

Are Inflatable Hot Tub Pumps Waterproof?

Inflatable Hot Tub

Most inflatable hot tubs are waterproof, which includes the pump. However, it also depends on what materials were used by the manufacturer, their quality, and whether it is waterproof from submerging or steady rain.

It’s always a good idea to check if your pump can withstand heavy rainfall and not succumb to water damage before purchasing your chosen hot tub. Thankfully, most hot tubs on the market today are made with quality materials that can withstand rain and water damage, but it is always a good idea to check.

How to Plan for Rain Ahead of Time

Planning is required to make it an enjoyable experience when using your hot tub in the rain. 

For instance, the main issue with using a hot tub in the rain is the discomfort of getting in and out. In addition, the rain will be colder than the warm temperature of the water within your hot tub.

So to combat the trek from the hot tub to shelter, try placing your bathrobes or towels close by that are also covered from the rain. This will minimize the amount of time spent in that cold rain.

Have a fresh brew of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate waiting for you when you get out of the hot tub to help warm up after the dash inside. You can even prepare your hot drinks before going to your hot tub to warm the body and make everyone feel cozy and excited about their soak. 

A safety caution to consider when using the hot tub in the rain is the slippery deck or stones that your hot tub might be resting on. Also, think about wearing slippers or shoes to avoid slipping when you get in and out of the hot tub.

When using your hot tub in the rain, it’s all about staying warm before and after getting out, as the air and rain will be much colder than you are used to. 

How to Clean Your Hot Tub After it Rains

After it rains, the main thing to consider is the water. Since rain will get into the hot tub, if it is not sheltered, the chemicals will be diluted, and you might not have the correct formula to maintain a clean and safe environment to avoid bacteria growth. 

So after it rains, perform a quick water test to check on the water chemistry and balance. Then, dose the water as it indicates if there are any issues, and carry on using the hot tub as you would. 

There is no extra maintenance to perform after it rains unless leaves or other debris has flown into it. If that is the case, skim the debris out of the hot tub.

Should You Cover Your Hot Tub When it Rains? 

Inflatable brown and white swimming pool with turquoise water outdoors

If you are not using the hot tub or have finished using it and it is still raining, you should always cover it. This will prevent debris, such as leaves, or sticks, from falling into the water.

Also, with high winds, if the storm is nasty, who knows what could find its way into your hot tub? 

Plus, it is always a good idea to cover any hot tub when it is not in use, especially an inflatable one, as they are closer to the ground. For safety reasons, you don’t want a child, pet, or small animal to fall into the hot tub and drown accidentally. 

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