Using A Hot Tub In The Rain: Good Or Bad Idea?

Having your friends over when you have a hot tub can be a great way to spend the day. But when you check the weather report, you see that it is supposed to rain. So is it still safe to use a hot tub when it rains?

It is safe to sit in a hot tub while it rains; just ensure that too much rain doesn’t get in the hot tub and that you are careful as you climb in and out. If there is any thunder or lightning, however, you need to discontinue the use of the hot tub right away and go inside. 

Are you also wondering if you need to protect your hot tub from the elements? Let’s look at hot tubs and information about using them during the rain while protecting them from it. 

Can You Use Your Hot Tub When it Rains? 

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Using your hot tub while it is raining outside is generally okay, but it can be more dangerous than using it during nice weather. So before you start using your hot tub during a downpour, you should keep several safety tips in mind. 

1. Try to Keep Excessive Rain Out of Your Hot Tub

While using a hot tub in a light rain can be relaxing, you probably shouldn’t sit in yours during an excessive downpour. This is because the more water you allow into your hot tub, the more it will dilute the chemical balance you have created.

Not only that, but depending on where your hot tub is situated, the hot tub could overflow and get acidic water on flowers and other plants. The best way to prevent this is to keep as much rainwater out of your hot tub as possible.

Try to have your hot tub placed beneath an awning, porch roof, or another cover. If this isn’t possible in your yard, grab a large beach umbrella for rainy days. 

2. Have Shoes on Hand

You may be used to tip-toeing out to your hot tub barefoot during average weather, but during a rainstorm, the path between your house and the hot tub can become very slippery. Use non-slip shoes or sandals to walk to and from your hot tub.

You may also want to grab a robe because that rainwater will feel cold after the hot water in your hot tub. 

3. Check the Weather Report

Maybe it is just sprinkling to start, but a total downpour may be headed your way later. There could also be no thunder or lightning, but it could be predicted in just 30 minutes. 

This is why you must check the weather report before you plan to use your hot tub in the rain. If you are unsure if the weather will be good enough for you to continue to use your hot tub, it is better to be safe than sorry and not use your hot tub while it rains.

4. Start Your Hot Tub Early

If you specifically desire to use your hot tub in the rain, remember that it takes a while for a hot tub to warm up. Therefore you can’t start it when the rain begins and expect it to be ready in minutes, as this will have you plunging into a cold hot tub. 

Instead, you should plan as far in advance as possible. For example, if you wake up and want to use your hot tub that day, it’s a good idea to turn it on immediately rather than wait. This way, you will have a nice warm hot tub waiting for you when the rain begins! 

Can You Sit in a Hot Tub During a Thunderstorm?

Even though using your hot tub when it is raining is safe, using it during a thunderstorm is not. You should never sit in your hot tub when there is danger of thunder or lightning. 

Water and electrical parts, like those found in a hot tub, attract thunder and lightning. Plus, a hot tub is a conductor, meaning it is very easy for electricity to travel through it. 

Thus, you should not be anywhere near your hot tub when there is thunder and lightning, as you could get electrocuted if lightning were to strike. You should also look at the weather in advance, as what might seem like some harmless rain could turn into a thunderstorm later. 

If the weather report even suggests thunder or lightning, do not use your hot tub, even if you think you have time to do so before the storm starts. Remember that weather reports are not 100% accurate, and thunderstorms can form fast. 

The weather report may say you have 30 minutes before a storm, but in reality, you may only have 5 minutes. So it’s better to be safe and not use your hot tub if you think there is a danger of thunder. 

How Do You Protect Your Hot Tub from the Rain? 

Protecting your hot tub from the rain is probably a priority if you live somewhere rainy, especially because a hot tub is such a large investment. There are many different ways to protect your hot tub from the rain, and the method that works for you will depend on both the location and size of your hot tub. 

1. A Decent Cover

Hot Tub

A hot tub is an expensive investment, and you shouldn’t go cheap on the cover. A good cover will not only help the hot tub heat up faster, but it will protect it from the elements like rain and snow. 

Your cover should be firm, thick, and not bow in the middle. If yours does bow, it could be because it is getting old and may need to be replaced. Covers made from heavy-duty vinyl (on Amazon) tend to last the longest and protect hot tubs the best. 

2. Hot Tub Cover Lifter

The problem with purchasing an excellent cover to protect your hot tub is that it will be very heavy. And if you try to replace the cover by yourself in the rain, you could slip and fall trying to do so. 

A hot tub cover lifter (on Amazon) solves this problem as it helps you lift the cover quickly and easily without too much effort. It also can be stored in the cover itself, meaning you don’t have to worry about it getting wet during the rain. 

Some cover lifters also store the cover off the ground, protecting the vinyl from getting waterlogged during the rain if you are using the hot tub. These are ideal if you want your cover to last a long time and plan to use your hot tub in the rain frequently. 

3. A Large Umbrella

As mentioned above, it is better that your hot tub doesn’t get too much water in it during a snowstorm. While your hot tub is waterproof, you’ve got chemical water in the hot tub that you don’t want to get into your yard. 

Also, even though a hot tub is waterproof, it’s just better to protect it from the elements, namely in places where snow could pile around and damage the cords or cover of the hot tub. Investing in a large umbrella (on Amazon) specifically for hot tubs can go a long way towards protecting your investment. 

Final Thoughts on Using a Hot Tub in the Rain

Overall, using your hot tub in the rain can be a very relaxing experience as long as you follow the safety guidelines. Also, remember to never use your hot tub during thunder or lightning as you could severely injure yourself.

Whether or not you decide to use your hot tub during the rain, ensure you take proper steps to protect your hot tub from the elements so it will last you for years to come. 

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