Are Solar Pool Blankets Worth It?

Solar pool blankets are large plastic covers that use the sun’s energy to keep a pool warm. The primary purpose of these covers is to minimize water evaporation and reduce heat loss. But the question is, how effective is a solar pool blanket? Is it worth it to get one for your pool?

Solar pool do blankets work. They can reduce evaporation and heat loss by 95%, according to one study. They can keep the water pool warm for an extended period, and also help it heat up faster in the sun, reducing any pool-heating bills you may have. Rolling and unrolling them is a hassle, though.

Solar blankets are also a large investment, even if they’re cheaper than traditional pool heaters. They also require more of a time investment to operate day-in, day-out. Let’s take a look at how these blankets work so that you can decide if one is right for you.

How Do Solar Pool Blankets Work? 

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Solar pool blankets (on Amazon), also known as solar covers, are massive sheets of plastic bubble wrap that get placed above a pool. The wrap traps the heat coming from the sun and keeps it in the pool, making the water warm all day long.

Besides keeping the pool warm during the daytime, a solar pool blanket retains heat during cold nights. If you completely cover your pool with a solar blanket, it can gain about 10 to 15 degrees of temperature within 6 hours of exposure to direct sunlight.

Pros and Cons of Solar Pool Blankets 

To better help you decide whether a solar pool blanket is a must for your pool, here are some pros and cons of the item:


  • Warms Pool Water

A solar pool blanket allows the sun’s heat to warm the pool water. It also maintains the heat in the swimming pool for an extended period.

  • Reduces Heat Evaporation

At least 65% of energy used for heating a pool is lost during evaporation. A solar blanket will limit water evaporation, so you will save a lot of water expenses. It also prevents water loss into the atmosphere.

  • Cost-Effective

Heating the pool through a solar pool blanket is more affordable than relying on gas or electricity. It reduces energy consumption, allowing users to save on their electricity bills.

  • Ease of Use

Solar pool blankets are easy to use and maintain. They can easily be cut to fit the pool regardless of its shape or size. 

  • Durable

The solar pool blanket is made of polyethylene, which is durable and thick. Its thickness can vary from 200 up to 600 microns. The best solar pool blankets are around 200 microns.


  • Expensive

A high-quality solar pool blanket is quite costly. Although the best coverings can last quite a while and may save on costs in the long run, the item may be beyond the budget of some pool owners.

  • Difficult to Assemble

A solar pool blanket can be difficult and cumbersome to set up and unroll by hand, especially if it’s non-automatic. It can also be tough to remove.

Are Pool Solar Blankets Worth It? 

The very first pool solar blankets were launched in the 1980s, and they’ve become very popular since then. This fact alone is enough to believe that solar pool blankets are effective and worth it. After all, if they weren’t so successful, they wouldn’t exist up to this day. 

Typically, heat loss in a swimming pool is a result of evaporation. A solar blanket reduces heat loss by working as a barrier between the air and the pool water. As we mentioned, one study suggests that about 95% of evaporation and heat loss are reduced once a solar blanket covers a pool.

Moreover, another recent study revealed that a solar pool blanket user could save around 30% on energy costs. On the other hand, an earlier study by the Michigan Energy Office (MEO) suggested that about 50% of energy costs are saved.

The actual effectiveness of a solar pool blanket depends on the amount of sunlight it will be exposed to and how much it will cover the pool. It is best to cover the pool for an extended period for more heat retention.

Overall, anyone who loves swimming in a warm pool but finds a fully-heated pool too costly can benefit a great deal from a solar pool blanket. A solar pool blanket is truly a good investment of money, time, and effort.

How Long Do Solar Pool Blankets Last? 

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Nothing lasts forever, so a time will come when your solar blanket has deteriorated due to wear and tear. Typically, a solar blanket can last for about three years. When bubbles keep falling off and start to flake, it’s time to replace the blanket with a new one. 

The amount of chemicals in the pool and how you use or care for your solar pool blanket can also affect its longevity. Ensure you don’t put too much acid, chlorine, and other chemicals in the pool. Moreover, every time you remove the blanket from the pool, it must be stored in a protective sheet and away from sunlight.

With proper care, maintenance, and precautions, you can extend the life of your solar pool blanket. Therefore, a solar pool blanket is worth having considering its lifespan, effectiveness, and cost.

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