How To Reset A Hot Tub Control System & Why Should You?

Everything with a computer can run into software and hardware issues and a hot tub control panel is like a small computer. From circuit board problems to error codes, there are a number of things that can go wrong, and resetting is usually the first go-to method on restoring proper function. So how do you reset a hot tub control system when something goes awry?

The reset button is usually located inside the control box that can be found by removing the side panel. Depending on the model of hot tub, it might be labeled or even on top of the box. Resetting can be done by pressing the reset button, and most errors can be fixed by resetting the control panel.

With so many issues that can arise from a control panel, it’s worth your time to learn where the reset or cut off switch is located. Once you know where that is, you’ll be well equipped to deal with any trouble, because resetting the control panel usually clears things up.

Can You Reset a Hot Tub Control Panel?

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Yes, all hot tubs are fitted with a high temperature cut off switch, or reset button, in case of emergency. Should the temperature reach 120 F or higher, it will shut off automatically because to prevent harm to both people in the hot tub as well as the hot tub itself.

When first installing your hot tub, it’s important to make note where this cut off switch is, in case of emergency. The reset, or cut off button, is usually located in the box that controls all the functions of the hot tub, like the heating and filtration timing.

To get to this box you need to remove the side panel of the cabinet. It should be near the heater tube. 

How Do You Reset a Hot Tub Control Panel?

Resetting the hot tub control panel is simple and understanding how to do so is helpful in the case of emergency.

Locating the control panel is the first step. In all modern control panels, there is a small red reset button on the outside of the box. You might notice differences in older models.

Some have the heater reset button in the equipment compartment, while others have it on the side or top of the heater box. The best place to find out where the reset button is on your hot tub is to check the manual. 

To reset the hot tub control panel, follow these few simple steps:

  1. Power down the hot tub and disconnect it from any and all electrical outlets.
  2. Locate the control panel box, which is usually behind a side panel of the hot tub.
  3. Open the control box by removing a few screws if the reset button is not located on top of the compartment.
  4. Find the sticker that indicates where the reset button is, as some models come with it labeled.
  5. Take a screw from the door and push the reset button, which is usually red.
  6. It might take a few pushes to reset, so press it a few times with the screw.
  7. Close the control box and replace the door screws.
  8. Reattach the side panel.
  9. Power on the hot tub.

How Do You Know If Your Hot Tub Control Panel Is Faulty?

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Every electrical device can experience problems. A hot tub control panel is no different and it too can have a whole host of issues. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do before calling in a professional.

Unresponsive Control Panel

When the control panel is unresponsive, you need to check if it is an issue with the control panel itself or the circuit board.

The first thing to do is to see if there is moisture in the display, any cracked buttons or if a part is wet. Unfortunately, if any of these are the case, you will need to replace the unit, as they are not a software issue.

Assuming these are all okay, reset your breaker. A house fuse might have been accidentally blown. If the problem continues then turn the breaker back off and disconnect the panel from the hot tub to check the circuit board.

You can discern whether you’re dealing with a problem with the control panel or the circuit board by connecting a control panel that you know works to the circuit board. If it remains broken, then you know it was the circuit board, but if everything starts working again, then it is most likely the control panel that was broken. 

Circuit Board

You can tell that a circuit board will need to be replaced if the display is partially blank, has a delay in displaying messages, or the LED lights aren’t working properly. If the board is outputting low voltage, then it’s a definite sign that the circuit board needs to be replaced.

Dashes Displayed

If you see dashes on the display instead of regular messages, then you need to reset the control panel. To do so, turn off the power to the hot tub for an hour in order for all the software to reset and then turn it back on.

Blinking Lights and Strange Messages

If the display is showing strange messages and blinking lights at the same time, then there could be a software issue with the circuit board. You will need to check if there is corrosion or condensation. If you see either of these then the circuit board will need to be replaced. If not, try resetting the control panel.

Red Blinking Lights

Seeing red blinking lights on the control panel means that it needs to be reset. Turn the power off for several minutes and then turn it back on, allowing the device to properly reset.

If your hot tub is powered by 240 volts, turn on the lower amp breaker as well. If it is powered by 120 volts, then unplug the device for two minutes before plugging it back in.

Red and Green Blinking Lights

The red and green blinking lights indicate that there is low water flow. Simply turn the power to the hot tub off for a few minutes and then turn it back on.

Error Messages

Error messages on the control panel indicate that something is wrong with a part of the hot tub, or even the control panel itself. The first thing to do when seeing an error message is to find out what the message means.

Assuming there isn’t an error, then there’s a problem with the control panel. Reset the control panel to clear the error code and everything should be fine again. 

Sometimes you need to reset the control panel to clear an error code even after correcting the indicated error. 

Control Panel Crash

A crashed control panel is one reason why there might be an error code. Simply restart the control panel by either replacing it or repairing it as needed. Before replacing it, try turning the power off for 20 seconds and turn it back on. If the issue persists, you might need to go ahead and replace the control panel.

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