How To Maintain An Inflatable Hot Tub During The Summer

An inflatable hot tub can be a relaxing way to spend your summer; however, most people are at a loss when it comes to maintaining it, especially when you’re using it regularly. So how do you maintain an inflatable hot tub during summer?

To maintain your inflatable hot tub during the summer, ensure it is kept running between uses. Clean it regularly and use a cover to protect the water and hot tub material. This will allow you to use it all summer long without any problems. Store a drained and deflated hot tub in a cool dry place.

Depending on the specific inflatable hot tub you have, you may find specific maintenance guidance for your particular hot tub in the instruction manual that came with your tub, so it’s best to consult that before doing anything.

Can I Use an Inflatable Hot Tub in the Summer?

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Yes, you can absolutely use inflatable hot tubs like this one (on Amazon) in the summer. Unfortunately, though still quite good at retaining heat, inflatable hot tubs aren’t as good at keeping heat as their permanent counterparts. 

All this means is that in the summer, it takes a lot less energy to get your tub to and keep it at a pleasant temperature, saving you money and making it much easier to relax and have fun.

That said, frequent use of your hot tub will mean you’ll need to stay on top of maintenance, ensuring the water and tub itself are in good shape so you never miss a great day to sit in. 

Do I Need to Keep My Tub Running All Summer?

While you don’t need to keep your hot tub running all through the summer, most inflatable hot tub manufacturers recommend it for several reasons. 

Saves Money

First, is that it will save you money in the long term. While it may seem counterintuitive, it costs relatively little in terms of energy to keep running a hot tub; the warming up part is the most energy-intensive (and thus expensive) part. 

So by keeping your hot tub running constantly, you’re using less energy (overall) than turning it on and off every time. 

Keeps it Clean

The second is that it keeps everything clean(er). 

As the water is constantly running, it has no chance to stagnate (which causes the water to go green and allows algae to grow) and, with it passing through the filter repeatedly, ensures both the water and filter remain cleaner than they’d be otherwise.

More Convenient

Third is just practicality. If it’s a nice day and you want to spend as much time in your tub as possible, you probably don’t want to be standing waiting for 10-15 minutes while your tub fills up and gets to the most enjoyable temperature!

How Often Should I Clean My Tub During the Summer?

For permanent hot tubs, the general advice is that you should clean your hot tub 3-4 times per year. Inflatable hot tubs, however, require a little more care in this sense. 

Though it does depend on the individual tub (consult your tub’s instruction manual for the manufacturer’s advice about your specific tub), the rule of thumb is that you need to clean your inflatable hot tub every two weeks. 

That being said, when the weather is nice, and you’re using your hot tub more, you may find yourself needing to clean out the filter, in particular, a few times each week. 

How to Prevent Algae from Growing During the Hottest Months

Hot Tub Water Quality Check by Using Chemical Testing Kit

Algae covering your tub is an issue that affects all hot tubs, regardless of whether you have an inflatable or permanent one. The best ways to prevent algae from growing on your tub during the hottest months are:

  • Wash all swimsuits, toys, and accessories used in other bodies of water before using them in your tub.
  • Maintain a water pH of about 7.5 and alkalinity of about 125 ppm (parts per million).
  • Clean filters regularly and replace them when no longer effective.
  • Ensure sanitizer levels remain constant by regularly refilling per your sanitizer’s instructions.
  • Completely drain your tub when you’re not using it for long periods.

Cleaning Algae

If you do find that algae has grown in your hot tub, there are three main ways to get rid of it, such as:

  • Draining your hot tub, clean the algae off with a clean sponge/microfiber, and refill the tub. Also, use this opportunity to clean/replace the filters as well.
  • Shock treating the water using Chlorine or Bromine to kill the algae.

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