Is It Possible to Fall Off an Infinity Pool?

If you’re thinking about what kind of pool to install in your yard, safety may be one of your biggest concerns. This is especially true for those who have kids or just want to have a relaxing time in the pool without worrying about potential harm. If that sounds like you, infinity pools probably look pretty scary.

You can’t fall off the edge of an infinity pool. Although it looks possible, it’s an illusion. If you swim up to the edge, there’s a wall there to stop you from falling. Infinity pools are as safe as any other pool, despite misconceptions from those who aren’t familiar with them.

In order to calm any nerves, let’s take a closer look at how infinity pools work. That way, you can decide if an infinity pool is the right option for you. If you’re on vacation, and the edge of a fancy pool at the hotel looks a bit spooky, rest assured that it’s not going to be an issue if you swim up to have a look over the edge!

How Do Infinity Pools Work?

Infinity swimming pool in luxury hotel

The walls of an infinity pool are the same height as the water, which is why it looks like you can fall off the edge. The water itself usually falls into a drain and goes back into the pool.

To create the illusion, the drain is hidden, making the edge of the pool look like a waterfall. There’s typically some kind of trough, exposed or hidden on the other side, that catches the water and allows it to flow to a basin where the circulation pump and filter can capture and circulate the water like in a normal pool.

Can You Fall Off an Infinity Pool?

Thanks to the illusion created by the walls, it does look like you might fall over the edge with the water if you swim too close. But it’s important to remember that there’s a wall there!

You’ll be stopped by the wall, unless you deliberately try to haul yourself out of the water and over the edge of the pool. This would be a hazardous option in any pool, but there’s nothing particularly dangerous about infinity pools.

All that said, you probably can climb over the edge of an infinity pool. Obviously, you have control of whether or not you do this, and it’s true for any pool (that you can climb out, or over the wall), so this risk isn’t really specific to infinity pools.

What’s Behind an Infinity Pool?

Infinity Swimming Pool

The pools are built with pool walls, just like any other. It’s just that pool walls are hidden so you can’t see them, making many wonder what’s behind an infinity pool.

They’re complex structures, but they mostly have the same elements as a vinyl liner or concrete pool. They’re just built in a way that gives them a very unique appearance. Like we discussed briefly earlier, what’s on the other side of that infinity wall (beyond just a great view) is all the pool equipment needed to capture and recirculate that falling water.

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