Step-By-Step Guide To Cleaning Hot Tub Jets

When you’ve got a luxury item like a hot tub a home, it’s crucial to keep up with regular maintenance. If you don’t, the chemicals can become imbalanced and equipment can get damaged. One important part of maintaining a hot tub is cleaning the jets, but how should you go about it?

Hot tub jets should be cleaned every 3 to 6 months, or more frequently if the tub gets heavy use. The jets can be left in place and cleaned along with the rest of the tub or removed and soaked in a solution of equal parts water and vinegar. Proper cleaning prevents grime from clogging the jets.

Let’s take a closer look at why it’s necessary to clean hot tub jets on a regular basis and the different methods you can use.

Is It Necessary to Clean Hot Tub Jets?

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Every three to six months, you need to take the time to clean hot tub jets (or more, if you frequently use your hot tub or a lot of debris has found its way in there). There are a number of problems that can occur if you don’t clean them regularly.

The first is that minerals will build up on the jets and release germs into the water. This can result in irritation, and it can even cause people with respiratory diseases to get sick. To make sure your hot tub is a safe environment, you need to get rid of these minerals.

The minerals can also clog and block the jets, causing issues when you try to run them. In the worst-case scenario, you could end up doing some serious damage to the equipment. Hot tub jet repairs can be expensive, and most are easily avoided if you take the proper measures ahead of time.

How to Clean Hot Tub Jets 

Now that you know how important it is to clean hot tub jets, let’s look at two different methods of cleaning your jets:

Removing the Jets

The first thing you’ll have to do if you want to give the jets a thorough clean is to remove the jet units from the hot tub. Rotating them should allow you to ease them out, though they can be stiff if you’ve never removed them for cleaning before.

You can then soak each jet unit in a solution that’s equal parts water and vinegar (on Amazon) for around an hour.

If there’s a buildup you can’t get rid of, you can use a cheap toothbrush (on Amazon) to gently scrub around them — but make sure you don’t scrub too hard, as you could damage the jets.

Before placing them back in the hot tub, make sure you’ve cleaned the rest of the spa so that no bacteria ends up back on the jets.

Keeping the Jets in Place

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You can also clean your hot tub jets without removing them. You should do this when cleaning the rest of the hot tub.

Before you drain the tub — as you usually would to clean it — put a jetline cleaner (on Amazon) into the water. Run the pump and the jets for fifteen minutes then turn them off and let them rest for an hour before doing it one last time for another fifteen minutes. You should be able to see any dirt from the jets come out into the water.

You can then drain the hot tub and wipe around the edges of the jets with an old rag to truly make sure you’ve gotten all of the residues.

If there’s a buildup where the jets are, mix baking soda (on Amazon) and water (three parts to one part, respectively) and use this to gently wipe the jets with the rag.

You don’t want to be too vigorous since you don’t want to cause damage, but if you’ve kept up with the cleaning, it shouldn’t take too much to get any residues off. Being patient is the key, as it may take a few minutes to see any dirt come off onto the rag.

You can then clean the rest of the tub as normal and fill it back up with water. This should make sure those jets and lines are clean.

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