Your Go-To Guide For Removing A Hot Tub

Once your hot tub has officially reached the end of its lifespan, you’ll want to get rid of it for good. But a hot tub is a big thing — literally and figuratively — and getting rid of it isn’t as easy as just tossing it in the nearest dumpster. So, how can you properly remove a hot tub?

You can remove your hot tub yourself by draining it, cutting it into smaller pieces, and hauling it away — or you can hire a junk disposal company to do it for you. If your tub is still in useable condition, you may be able to trade it in or sell it to a local spa dealer.

Removing a hot tub by yourself is a big job, but it’s definitely doable if you prepare in advance and have the right tools. Just be sure to take all the necessary safety precautions and get help from professionals if you’re unsure about anything. Let’s find out how you can go about removing your hot tub in detail.

How Do You Remove a Hot Tub From Your Yard?

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Removing a hot tub is a simple five-step process:

1. Draining The Tub

Arguably the most obvious step, you need to drain all the water in the tub before you can start removing it. If you had the tub for a while, you probably know how to do this. But if you’re new to the game, here are a few tips:

  • Start by turning off the power to the tub.
  • Locate the drain valve and open it up.
  • If your tub is far from the main sewer line, you can attach a garden hose to the valve spigot and let the water drain out that way.

2. Disconnect the Electric Supply

If the tub is connected with a plug and cord, all you have to do is unplug it. If it’s hardwired, you’ll need to cut the power at the breaker panel. Be careful with this step and only do it if you’re confident working with electrical systems.

3. Detaching the Plumbing

Most of the time, hot tubs are fitted with a single line that works as a water inlet. You can easily disconnect this by shutting off the water at the main valve and then using a wrench to loosen the connection and remove the line. Then, cap off the line using a threaded plug.

4. Disconnect the Gas Line

Turn off the gas at the main valve, then detach the supply line from the fitting on the hot tub. You might need a special screwdriver to do this, but most of the time, a regular one will do the trick.

5. Disposing of the Tub

Now that the tub is completely empty and detached, you can start thinking about how to get rid of it. The easiest way would be to rent a dumpster and have the tub hauled away. If you want to get a little more creative, you can always try to sell it or repurpose it for other uses.

Removing a Hot Tub Yourself vs. Hiring a Professional

If you’re the handy type, you might be thinking about removing the hot tub yourself to save a few bucks. But before you take on such a big project, there are a few things you need to consider.

For starters, you’d need to work with saws, hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, and other tools to get the job done right. Then you have to think about how you’re going to get rid of the pieces once they’re detached.

If you’re thinking of putting it all in your trash can, think again; it might take days to get rid of everything.

You’re probably better off hiring a professional to do the job. Not only will they have the right tools and equipment for the job, but they’ll also dispose of the tub properly, so you don’t have to worry about it. If your tub is in useable condition, you might be able to trade it or sell it to a local vendor.

What Supplies Will You Need?

If you’ve decided to take on the project yourself, here are a few things you need:

The list may increase or decrease depending on your tub’s condition and how you plan to dispose of it.

Disposal Options

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If DIY isn’t your thing, you have various other options for getting rid of your hot tub. You could:

1. Sell It

If your tub is still in good condition, you might be able to sell it. Online classified ads on websites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and Next-door are great places to start. You can also try selling it to a local salvage yard. This way, you can get the price you want and keep the tub out of a landfill.

2. Trade It In

If you’re planning on buying a new hot tub, some dealers might be willing to take your old one as a trade-in. This option will save you money and time, as you won’t have to go through the hassle of selling or disposing of it yourself.

3. Junk Removal Service

If you want someone else to deal with the entire process, you can always hire a junk removal service. This option is great if you want the tub gone as soon as possible, but it will likely be more expensive than other options.

4. Repurpose It

With a little creativity, you might be able to repurpose your old hot tub for other uses. For example, you could use it as a raised garden bed, a pond, or even a chicken coop. If you have pets, turn your hot tub into an insulated doghouse or catio.

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