Should You Epoxy Paint A Pool Deck?

When it comes to painting a pool, you can’t just choose any option out there. With water and chlorine splashing around, you need to pick a paint that’s tough, durable, and will hold up against the liquid trying to wear it down over the years. That’s why many people wonder if they can epoxy paint a pool deck.

Using epoxy paint for a pool deck is not only a good idea, but is highly recommended by many pool experts. Epoxy paint provides a high-quality appearance for the pool deck, and it holds up against wear and tear. Epoxy is highly durable, lasting ~10yrs, and it makes the deck surface smoother too.

Now that you know that you can epoxy paint a pool deck, let’s take a closer look at how to go about it and everything you should know about the process and the finish.

Is It Possible to Epoxy a Pool Deck?

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Because epoxy paint contains anti-slip properties and is especially durable, it’s not just possible to epoxy a pool deck — it’s something you actually should do. If you’re looking for a great coat for your deck, it would be hard to make a better choice than epoxy paint.

Are Epoxy Floors Waterproof?

It’s hard to imagine any substance that can hold up underwater for a long period of time, but epoxy manages. If you use it on the floor of your pool, you can generally expect it to hold up.

That said, it does depend on what the floor of the pool is made of, with concrete being best.

How Long Does an Epoxy Coat Last?

Despite epoxy’s great qualities, nothing lasts forever. You can expect to have to redo the coat every ten years or so, although it may last longer if you don’t use your pool very often.

What’s key in making the epoxy last for a long time is regular maintenance. You need to keep up with the cleaning if you really want to maximize the lifespan of your epoxy coat. If you skip out on the maintenance, expect to shave a few years off of its life.

What Are the Benefits of an Epoxy Pool Deck?

There are some notable benefits to an epoxy pool deck, other than its durability. Here’s what else you can expect if you make the choice to use epoxy:

  • A smooth finish that is much more comfortable for bare feet
  • Very customizable; you choose the color
  • It prevents the growth of algae and helps fight bacteria
  • It can cover imperfections like cracks or dents

Between these benefits and its long lifespan, there really is no better choice for a pool deck than epoxy. It wins all around, from the smooth finish to the number of years it can last with some good maintenance. 

How Much Does an Epoxy Pool Deck Cost?

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Now that you know all of the benefits of an epoxy pool deck, you might be wondering how much it costs. That depends if you’re going to do it yourself or hire someone to do the labor, and you really should go with the latter to get the best result possible. 

The materials depend on the size of the pool, but you could be looking at around $1,000. The labor itself will depend on your area and the contractors, but if you hire someone good — and you should do your research and make sure you get an expert — the labor could run around half of that.

Accordingly, an estimated total is around $1,500, though it could run much more or less, depending on the contractor and pool size.

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