Can You Build A Pool In The Winter And Save Money Doing So?

Anyone who’s done even the slightest bit of research into what it would take to build a pool knows that the process is an expensive one. From the parts to the labor, a pool is a significant investment. The maintenance over time is daunting in itself, but the initial upfront cost is the highest one you’ll face. So can you save by building a pool in the off-season?

Building a pool in winter usually costs much less due to lower demand at that time of year. It may also be easier to book pool specialists and landscapers for the project, since they’ll have fewer jobs in the winter. Nonetheless, winter weather conditions can interrupt the work, causing delays.

So, if you’re looking at building a pool in the winter, let’s take a closer look at everything you need to know about the process. You should consider the advantages and disadvantages, as well as what the difference would be if you were to choose another time of year to build your pool.

When Should You Build a Pool?

Pool Construction

If you can wait to build a pool and aren’t set on a particular time of year, you should examine each season to see which one is best for you.

The advantage of building a pool in summer is having that place to cool off right away. If you get the job done fast enough, you can have it in time to still enjoy the water in the heat. You’ll get a chance to experience your new pool before the cold sets in and you have to close it up.

However, summer is also the most expensive time to build — there aren’t usually sales on pools and it’s peak season, so even the contracting work can get pretty pricey.

Spring is similar in terms of prices as most people try to get it done ahead of summer, so that they have their pool ready to go. It might be perfect timing for you, but it will be expensive.

Fall could be a good option because prices will begin to drop. You might be able to find the occasional sale though you’ll have to close your pool for winter as soon as it’s ready, so there’s that to consider.

Building a pool in the winter means you may not be able to use it right away, but you’ll find there’s a huge difference in the cost. Because of the sales and the fact that it’s off-season for the contracting work, many people find that this venture is very worth it.

Ultimately, what time of year you decide to build your pool is up to you. Make sure you take into account the advantages of disadvantages of each season.

Is It Cheaper to Buy a Pool in the Winter?

Some people wonder if it’s really cheaper to buy a pool in the winter, or if it’s just a myth. In most cases, it really is cheaper.

Off-season is generally a great time to buy various season-relevant products, and pools are no different. You can browse companies online to keep an eye on their sales if you want to get the best deal. 

Building a Pool in Winter Advantages & Disadvantages

Open-air swimming pool with warm water

As with most major investments and projects, there are both pros and cons to building a pool in the wintertime. Only you know what’s right for you and your property.

For some people, building a pool in winter is the wrong choice. For others, it’s the perfect one. It depends on your situation — and the place you live, since the weather conditions can play a pretty big role.

The Advantages

The main advantage is still the price. You won’t be able to beat the sales or the money that might be taken off contracting work, because pool specialists aren’t getting much income in winter and need the business.

Fewer people are buying pools and pool equipment too, so you might be able to get a discount on everything you need — from the basics of the pool equipment to things you need later on, like chlorine (on Amazon).

Some pool specialists aren’t even available in summer because they’re all booked up well in advance.

The landscaping itself can also play a role. Building a pool in summer means there’s more of a chance of disrupting the summery aesthetic in your yard, but winter does that naturally anyway.

Take advantage of the time that your lawn won’t be looking its best by having a pool installed then, and everything will look wonderful when summer comes around.

It’s also faster to do so. Landscaping companies aren’t as busy, which means they can do the work necessary in your yard sooner. Spring and summer mean long waits until the companies can actually get around to you, so building a pool in summer is a risk in this sense as well.

The Disadvantages

As with anything, there are a few disadvantages to building a pool in winter — and the first one is the fact that you may have to close it immediately after it’s completed. If temperatures are pretty low where you are, closing your pool is the safest thing to do. It may even be too cold to fill the pool and you might just have to wait until the warmer months to do so.

The temperature and the weather can also cause some obstruction to the plans. If it’s freezing cold or there’s snow on the ground, pool companies may not be able to work, and that means huge delays to the construction.

The last disadvantage is just the mental frustration you may have to go through. If you build a pool in the winter, you might have it completely ready for weeks or even months before you’re able to use it.

When the pool is done and you should feel triumphant, you might just end up feeling annoyed! You may also have family members who feel the same way — don’t forget to take their opinions into account.

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