Above-Ground Pools: How Deep is Too Deep?

Above-ground pools are an excellent investment for people who want pools but can’t purchase an in-ground option. How deep is too deep for an above-ground pool in a yard? It’s possible to go too far, and you want to avoid buying a pool that will fall apart.

The general rule for above-ground pools is that the liner should not go one foot deeper than the measure from the center of the swimming pool. For example, if you have a wall height of five feet, the center of the structure shouldn’t be more than six feet from the edge of the pool. 

To understand how deep is too deep for an above-ground pool, you need to know more about what comes with depth in an above-ground pool. Let’s look closer at above-ground pools to pick the ideal depth for your needs.

What is the Deepest Above-Ground Pool You Can Buy?

Above ground

It’s possible to get a very deep above-ground pool with the proper accommodations and enough room for the above-ground pool in your desired location. However, the most common options on the market go no deeper than 54 inches or four and a half feet. 

Many people have the assumption that above-ground pools can’t go deeper than five or six feet. However, with the proper structure and placement, it’s possible to invest in an above-ground more than eight feet deep.

There is a general rule with above-ground pools – ensure the liner does not go one foot deeper than the measure from the center of the swimming pool. As long as that measurement is correct, the structure will remain upright at a deep depth.

For example, let’s take a five-foot wall. With your five-foot wall, the measure of the center shouldn’t go past six feet to ensure the structure remains intact. The water should also never go above six inches below the top edge of the above-ground pool.

The material will also impact the depth of the above-ground pool you can buy. Heavy-duty vinyl will support a different level of water than heavy aluminum. The type of liner inside the pool greatly impacts the possible depth of the structure.

Although it’s possible to create deep above-ground pools, it’s critical to consider the maintenance you will have to perform. The deeper the structure, the more work is required to keep it clean and sturdy for the long term.

Are Deep Above-Ground Pools More Difficult to Maintain?

The deeper the above-ground pool, the more difficult it will be to clean and maintain. It requires more effort to drain, scrub, and keep the surface of the above-ground pool in one piece. You should be ready to observe your above-ground pool every single day to take care of things when necessary.

Owners of deep above-ground pools should deep-clean at least once a month to prevent the growth of algae and the buildup of other items inside the structure. It will take more time to clean a deep above-ground pool once a month than a shallower option.

Daily, the water should receive testing and filtered to ensure it’s okay for swimming and in the proper condition to keep the pool in one piece. It’s necessary to skim the surface, refill chlorine tablets, and shock regularly. The more water, the more time spent cleaning.

The deeper the pool, the more effort it will take to maintain. Potential owners should keep the required work in mind before investing in a deep above-ground pool option to determine if they have the time on their hands to keep it in optimal condition.

Can A Deep Above-Ground Pool Break?

Swimming pool and deck

Although rare, a deep above-ground pool can break if there is too much pressure against the walls. This breakage will occur if the ratio of width to height to the amount of water is off. It’s vital to perform correct measurements ahead of time.

This risk grows the deeper your above-ground pool gets. The deeper the pool, the more care must be taken with the water added inside and the width of the pool structure. If the pool is not structured right, the walls will become less stable as they grow taller.

Leveling also plays a role in the stability of an above-ground pool. If it is off by three inches or more, the water pressure is off, and one side of the pool will have more water weight to handle than the other.

Another item that could lead to a broken above-ground pool is improper installation. If you buy a big structure, ensure you know what you are doing or hire someone with experience installing quality, deep above-ground pools.

Again, the deeper the above-ground pool, the greater the risk it will break. Take care when installing a deep above-ground pool to keep everything in optimal condition to prevent breakage. A break requires expensive fixes and potential water damage to your yard due to the large amounts of water in an above ground pool. 

What Is The Perfect Above-Ground Pool Depth?

The ideal and most common depth for an above-ground pool are 48 or 54 inches, or four to four and a half feet deep. There are also many options for 52-inch pools on the market. You will find these three heights the most often in your above-ground pool.

This depth is ideal because it allows enough room to swim without being too much to manage. It’s also simpler to set up and fill with water without becoming overwhelming.

Ultimately, the ideal above-ground pool depth depends on what your family needs. Homes with younger children might want to veer on the shorter side with their pools, while older kids will love the deeper 52-inch selection.

What Is The Most Popular Above-Ground Pool Depth?

The most popular above-ground pools sit between 48-54 inches. This height is usually paired with a diameter of 12-33 feet. Right below five feet allows enough room to swim and stand without too much of an issue.

Of course, you don’t have to purchase a deep pool to have a good time. People with small kids or trouble climbing ladders may enjoy smaller inflatable pools or slightly smaller above-ground pools to reduce stress surrounding the above-ground pool depth.

If you want to swim laps in your above-ground pool the higher end of the scale at 54 inches tall is probably the better selection. If you want to stand on the bottom and splash around, the 48-inch selection is the most popular choice.

Children and family size make a big difference when selecting an above-ground pool depth. The right depth varies by group.

What Is An Ideal Above-Ground Pool Depth For A Family?

Empty above ground swimming pool in a backyard

A family can settle on any pool between 48-54 inches. As long as the structure is wide enough, either depth will sustain a large group for hours of exciting swimming.

Considerations should be different depending on the ages and swimming abilities. If you have younger kids, go for shallow pool options to keep them safer. If you have kiddos who love to swim, something deeper will work well.

Although it costs more money, it’s also possible to design a pool with varying depths. If you have a proper leveling system, you can make one end shallow for the little ones and the other deep for family members with more experience in the water.

What is the Average Price Range of a Deep Above-Ground Pool?

The price range for a deep above-ground pool varies widely, depending on the material, size, and installation process for the pool. It’s possible to save money in several areas.

The average cost of an above-ground pool is around $2,900. This average typically involves quality materials and a group of installers who put the pool together for you. It helps pay for labor and the process of installing the product.

If you want to save money, there are many kits available online that you can put together yourself or hire outside help to complete. These can go for as low as $500, saving you almost $2,000 on the installation process.

There are many different affordable, deep above-ground pool options. We have a few suggestions to help you land the right one.

What Are the Best Deep Above-Ground Pools On the Market? 

There are many above-ground pools on the market, some shallow and some deep. If you’re interested in a deep above-ground pool, it can be tricky to land on the right choice for your needs. 

We have two suggestions if you want to invest in the best deep above-ground pools on the market. They are both from the classy Bestway brand, known for their high-quality, durable above-ground pools.

Here are two of the best deep above-ground pools on the market:

  • Bestway Steel Pro MAX (On Amazon): The Bestway Steel Pro MAX is a classic circular pool measuring 168″L x 168″W x 48″H. It’s made from DuraPlus and a solid steel frame to ensure the structure can handle the water inside.

  • Bestway Power Steel Oval (On Amazon): The Bestway Power Steel Oval measures 168″L x 98″W x 39.5″H. It’s oval, permitting an even deeper structure created from durable Tritech and a strong metal frame to hold everything in place.

These pools will last and provide an excellent swimming experience for everyone inside. 

Both pools cost around $500, a solid price for a durable and deep above-ground pool. Both options are four feet deep or less, the optimal depth for proper care of a deep and enjoyable pool in your backyard. Everyone will enjoy swimming in these in the warmer months!

Above-ground pools are excellent additions to a yard, and you can invest in deep options for an exciting swimming experience. The ideal depth for an above-ground pool is between 48 and 54 inches, though you can go deeper with proper construction considerations.

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